Student Feedback

Every single class is unique and challenging, easily the most fun yoga class you'll take. She challenges you, yet you feel relaxed and thoroughly stretched out after.


Rose’s classes are challenging, mindful, always adaptable, and fun! She is a fantastic teacher and has changed the way I approach my practice, avoiding unconscious self-judgment or internal competition. She’ll make you stronger physically as well as mentally.


Rose seems to know all the little tweaks needed to make a pose feel just right while gently reminding you that you know best what feels right for your body. I always leave her classes feeling more accepting of myself as well as feeling stronger physically and spiritually.


[Rose’s] flows are really unique and usually prepare us for a particular sequence, pose, etc. Sometimes these will be sequences, poses, etc that I’ve never done before. (Which is saying a lot…I’ve done yoga since I was 10!)… the classes energize me. I often am surprised at my strength and my ability to do new poses!