Are studio classes at Vita, Atma, and Nest online or in-person?

Both!! Currently, all my studio classes are offered in a hybrid format. You can either reserve a limited in-studio spot, or book the online option and join via Zoom.

If I take an online class, do I have to keep my video on?

Not at all! While I love seeing you and your pets in your little Zoom squares, your comfort is always the highest priority. You are welcome to practice with your video on or off. If you practice with video on, I may offer you encouragement or feedback just like I would if we were practicing in person!

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

My Vinyasa and Restorative classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels, including those who are brand new to movement practices. My Power Vinyasa, Vigorous Vinyasa, and Flow + Strength classes are more suitable for someone returning to or with an established movement practice, whether that be yoga asana, dance, or another movement/fitness modality.

Do I need to be able to hold arm balances and inversions to take Flow + Strength?

Not at all! If you could already do them perfectly, there’d be no point in taking the class! During class, we will build strength and develop the skills for arm balance and inversions.

What should I bring to Roof Deck Yoga?
  • Yoga mat (let me know if you don’t have one! I can probably loan you one)
  • Hat/sunglasses/sunscreen if it’s sunny ☀️; warmer layers/socks if it’s foggy ☁️
  • Your water bottle or beverage of choice
  • Optional: any other yoga props you love to use during your practice (strap/blocks/blanket or towel)