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This class is set to music and focuses most essentially on the linking of breath to movement. Come ready to strengthen, stretch, and sweat it out to some good tunes. No two classes are the same, so be ready to switch it up, change directions, and maybe even try out some “not-exactly-yoga” moves. 

Intensity: 4
*Some yoga experience is recommended to get the most out of this class.


This class uses passive stretching to allow you to move into a state of total rest and relaxation. Props are used to build the floor up to meet your body in various shapes. Each shape will be held for several minutes to give your body time to release and open gently into the shape. Put on your coziest socks, dim the lights, and know that if you fall asleep during this class, you’re probably in good company!

Intensity: 0/1

Asana Skills + Strength

This 60-minute class includes some power flow, strength/skill training for inversions and arm balances, and/or workshopping architecturally complex shapes

Intensity: 5
*Some yoga experience is recommended to get the most out of this class.


Vinyasa focuses on coordinating movement with breath to flow from one shape to the next. This class will get you moving to wake up your body and offer some longer stretches leaving you refreshed and grounded for the next part of your day. 

Intensity: 2/3


Rose is a wonderful yoga instructor! … Her cueing is clear and helpful, and she instructs with adaptations for many levels with ease. Her sequencing is top notch with seamless transitions, keeping things interesting and challenging. She’s calming, friendly, and reliable, and I’m also a fan of her music choices. I always leave her classes with new energy and positivity. I’d highly recommend her!

– Chelsea Y., Group Corporate Client

I like how Rose explains things – she has a gift for physical metaphor, for painting a verbal picture of how to hold a pose. That has helped me as much as her methodical and subtle way of getting progressively better. I’m stronger and more flexible than 6 months ago, thanks to her expert guidance. She has a calming presence too, and with her dancing background she’s also all business about what needs to get done.

– Leendert V., Private Client

Let’s move together.